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From the days of Sutanuti, Govindapur and Kalikata, the three small villages, a prolonged journey, through the hurdles and accomplishments of over three hundred years, has made Kolkata the commercial capital of Eastern India and the ‘Cultural Hub’ in the classroom of this planet. This is the ‘City of Joy’ that never understood the meaning of woe, anguish and sadness.

Kolkata was widely known as Calcutta, since the British Raj for their incorrect pronunciation, though it was changed officially to Kolkata in the year 2001. It was an extremely slow and long process, continuously fuelled by several legendary persons, who enriched the city with remarkable cultural heritage, culinary art, lifestyle, literature and clothing.

However, when we start discussing about clothing and lifestyle of Kolkata, without saying about Gariahat, a part of South Kolkata, it will be incomplete, as Gariahat is the heart of Kolkata for the best and huge collection of cloths of every quality, taste, standard and price. It was the devotion, dedication and foresight of few Bengali businesspersons, who used the raindrops to make the ocean in the Gariahat.

About The Founder of Select Stores

Late Madhusudan Saha of Faridpur, Bangladesh, the founder of Select Stores, is one of the fabled persons, who played a great role in the growth of Gariahat. He was the brilliant and extraordinary son of Late Debendra Saha and Late Bagala Devi, who came and settled in Kolkata in the year 1946, the year before independence. After completion of his B. Com. from South City Collage, he enrolled in the education of Law and during his education he got an opportunity to work in the Banking Sector. But, because of his indomitable zeal to establish his own business, he rejected the opportunity and established Select Stores in Gariahat.

The Journey of Select Stores

Gariahat was one of the most infertile places of Kolkata for any business, when Select Stores was founded. It was a long struggle of Late Madhusudan Saha, who invested extreme hard work, a good taste and great service to customers, which changed the scenario at last. It was his strong determination and endless self-confidence that never allowed the frustration to overcome the simple but intelligent person.

He changed the business strategy and started selling Sarees of different materials and qualities in minimum profit to increase the sale. Gradually, people over the country came to know about the Select Stores as one of the best places for purchasing Bonkai of Orissa, Sambalpuri, Ikkat, Dholapaturi etc. Saree at the best price. The quality of the materials, class and art made people spellbound. He added Printed Silk of Jaipur, Kanjibharam, Silk of Pune, Paton of Ahmedabad, Patola, Chandery, Maheswary, Tanchai, Benarashi, and many more in the collection of Select Stores to satisfy people of different tastes.

The Glorious Golden Jubilee of Select Stores

After the unbelievable success of Select Stores, business persons from every corner of India started jumping into the bandwagon to establish different kinds of businesses and soon Gariahat became the Business Centre of Kolkata.

It was 1973, when Select Stores celebrated its Silver Jubilee with many great personalities, like Journalist Dakshinaranjan Basu, Actor Soumitra Chattopadhyay and many more along with several dazzling programs.

After another 25 years, Select Stores celebrated their glorious Golden Jubilee in 1998; though, Madhusudan Saha, the simple and hard working person, who was the source of eternal energy and motivation, was no more to share the happiness with the guests.

The Present Scenario

Uttam Kumar Saha and Kinshuk Saha are the current beacon bearers of the company after Madhusudan Saha. They are sustaining the reputation perfectly with an aim to take the business to a new height. Though, the absence of Late Madhusudan Saha cannot be filled up so easily, the honesty, hard work and dedication of his son and grandson has made it possible.

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